Minervas Skirt: What is the first thing that attracts men?

Friday, December 13, 2013

What is the first thing that attracts men?

You've probably wondered what men notice first of women. It is very difficult to find

1 - Eyes. One of the most common issues that men often noted in women are their eyes.
In fact, the look says a lot about a person and you can learn a little more of a woman looking into her eyes.
2 - Smile. The smile is one of the traits that most men are set. The smile is attractive, sexy and descontracturada, and if you have a cute smile no doubt that the first thing he will notice you and may even him love. Also when you first start to know someone a genuine smile indicates interest. So do not hesitate to smile more often!
3 - Legs. No wonder men love the long legs and are one of the first features that attracts a woman. If you want to attract a guy, a dress or a skirt are the best choice to drive him crazy. Team them with heels and you'll look even more incredible.
4 - Busto. Surely you thought the bust was among the first in the list. And while it is something that men notice at first sight and we can not downplay the breasts is relegated and smile and eyes are at the top that men notice.
5 - Hair. Hair is another trait that men notice at first glance. If you have a shiny, silky, healthy hair definitely call the attention of men, since they are attracted to the long, natural hair.
6 - Skin. Believe it or not, the skin is one of the first things men look for women. There is nothing more attractive than a healthy, super-soft, radiant and sexy skin. So pay attention and take good care your skin. Use moisturizing cream every day and see the magnificent results: you and he will notice.

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