Minervas Skirt: June 2013

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Evening Dresses for chubby

When confronted with few curves to find the perfect dress becomes a difficult task nowadays most clothing collections designed for small sizes and extremely thin women. But do not be angry with your figure, since for each body there is a dress design which will favor the most.

- Hide tummy: If you want to hide those love handles that on leaving the waist, it is recommended that you choose a dress with adjustable corset and tights. A cut dresses are ideal for hiding the tummy and hide wide hips, this type of design is able to remove those unwanted kilos are others.

- Glowing thinner: If you choose the right prom dress, only to see us achieve more wide and low in height. The empire waist dresses are ideal to look thinner, they only fit the breasts and then the fabric falls smoothly without committing the body to the knees or feet.

- Tips: Avoid light colors in pastel dresses like these just to Spotlight your body make you look wider and achieve more plump than usual. Opt for dark shades and opaque, these will help you see more slim and slender.